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Student Government is required to keep detailed public records of the events, meetings and rulings within all three branches. In the Legislative branch, the Student Senate is publishes every meeting's agenda, minutes and passed legislation. In the Judicial branch, the court posts records of every case it has heard and the rulings. 

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Spring 2016 01-05-16

Spring 2016 01-12-16

Spring 2016 01-19-16

Spring 2016 01-26-16

Spring 2016 02-02-16

Spring 2016 02-09-16

Spring 2016 02-23-16 (Meeting 1)

Spring 2016 02-23-16 (Meeting 2)

Spring 2016 03-08-16

Spring 2016 03-15-16

Spring 2016 03-29-16

Spring 2016 04-05-16

Spring 2016 04-19-16

Summer A 05-10-16

Summer A 05-17-16

Summer A 05-24-16

Summer A 05-31-16

Summer A 06-07-16

Summer A 06-14-16

Fall 2016 10-25-16

Fall 2016 11-01-16

Fall 2016 11-08-16

Fall 2016 11-22-16

Fall 2016 11-29-16

Fall 2016 12-6-16

Spring 2017 1-10-17

Spring 2017 1-17-17

Spring 2017 1-24-17

Spring 2017 1-31-17

Spring 2017 2-14-17

Spring 2017 2-28-2017 Meeting 1

Spring 2017 2-28-2017 Meeting 2

Spring 2017 3-14-2017

Spring 2017 3-28-2017

Spring 2017 04-04-2017

Spring 2017 04-11-2017

Spring 2017 04-18-2017

Summer A 2017 05-09-2017

Summer A  2017 05-16-2017

Summer A 2017 05-30-2017

Summer A 2017 06-06-2017

Summer A 2017 06-13-2017

Summer B 2017 06-27-2017

Summer B 2017 07-11-2017

Summer B 2017 07-18-2017

Summer B 2017 07-25-2017

Summer B 2017 08-01-2017

Fall 2017 08-22-2017

Fall 2017 08-29-2017

Fall 2017 09-05-2017

Fall 2017 09-19-2017

Fall 2017 10-03-2017 Meeting 1

Fall 2017 10-03-2017 Meeting 2

Fall 2017 10-10-2017

Fall 2017 10-17-2017

Fall 2017 10-24-2017

Fall 2017 10-31-2017

Fall 2017 11-14-2017

Fall 2017 11-28-2017

Fall 2017 12-05-2017

Spring 2018 01-09-2018

Spring 2018 01-16-2018

Spring 2018 01-23-2018

Spring 2018 01-30-2018

Spring 2018 02-06-2018

Spring 2018 02-13-2018

Spring 2018 02-27-2018 Meeting 1

Spring 2018 02-27-2018 Meeting 2

Spring 2018 03-13-2018

Spring 2018 03-20-2018

Spring 2018 03-27-2018

Spring 2018 04-03-2018

Spring 2018 04-10-2018

Spring 2018 04-17-2018

Spring 2018 04-24-2018

Summer A 2018 05-15-2018

Summer A 2018 05-22-2018

Summer A 2018 06-05-2018

Summer A 2018 06-12-2018

Summer A 2018 06-19-2018

Summer B 2018 07-03-2018

Summer B 2018 07-17-2018

Summer B 2018 07-24-2018

Summer B 2018 07-31-2018

Summer B 2018 08-07-2018

Fall 2018 08-28-2018

Fall 2018 09-04-2018

Fall 2018 09-11-2018

Fall 2018 09-18-2018

Fall 2018 10-02-2018 (Meeting 1)

Fall 2018 10-02-2018 (Meeting 2)

Fall 2018 10-09-2018 

Fall 2018 10-16-2018

Fall 2018 10-23-2018

Fall 2018 10-30-2018

Fall 2018 11-06-2018

Fall 2018 11-13-2018

Fall 2018 11-27-2018

Fall 2018 12-04-2018


Spring 2019 01-08-2019

Spring 2019 01-15-2019

Spring 2019 01-29-2019

Spring 2019 02-05-2019

Spring 2019 02-12-2019

Spring 2019 02-26-2019 Meeting 1

Spring 2019 02-26-2019 Meeting 2

Spring 2019 03-12-2019

Spring 2019 03-19-2019

Spring 2019 04-02-2019

Spring 2019 04-16-2019

Spring 2019 04-18-2019 Special Meeting

Spring 2019 04-23-2019


Summer A 2019 05-28-2019

Summer A 2019 06-11-2019

Summer A 2019 06-18-2019

Summer A 2019 06-19-2019


Student Senate Bill 2019-1070: Student Body Resolution Supporting the City of Gainesville in Providing and Maintaining Affordable Housing

Student Senate Bill 2019-1069: Resolution Memorializing the Three-Year Anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub Shooting

Student Senate Bill 2019-1068: Resolution Opposing Proposed Changes to Title IX Regulations

Student Senate Bill 2019-1067: 800 Code Revisions

Student Senate Bill 2019-1066: Award Consistency Revision - 600 Code Revision

Student Senate Bill 2019-1065: Resolution Celebrating Pride Month 2019 and LGBTQ+ Students

Student Senate Bill 2019-1064: Resolution Supporting a More Comprehensive Family Leave Plan

Student Senate Bill 2019-1063: Student Senate Resolution Celebrating Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Heritage Month

Student Senate Bill 2019-1062: Respect Students’ Identities Act – 700 Code Revision

Student Senate Bill 2019-1061: Fiscal Year 2019-2020 Amended Activity and Service Fee Budget

Student Senate Bill 2019-1060: Resolution Honoring Fallen Gators

Student Senate Bill 2019-1059: Resolution to Stand in Solidarity with the People of Paris and the Christian Community

Student Senate Bill 2019-1058: Resolution to Save The Swamp!

Student Senate Bill 2019-1057: Resolution Standing Against Anti-Semitism

Student Senate Bill 2019-1056: Funding for Students Organize for Syria

Student Senate Bill 2019-1055: Funding for International Youth and Students Social Equality

Student Senate Bill 2019-1054: Funding for Florida Players

Student Senate Bill 2019-1053: Funding for Orthodox Christian Campus Ministries

Student Senate Bill 2019-1052: Funding for Gator Billiards Club

Student Senate Bill 2019-1051: Funding for Sky

Student Senate Bill 2019-1050: Gators National Organization of Women Allocations Request

Student Senate Bill 2019-1049: Gator Billiards Club Allocations Request

Student Senate Bill 2019-1048: Resolution Supporting Additional Title IX and Sexual Assault Prevention Resources on the University of Florida Campus

Student Senate Bill 2019-1047: Resolution Commemorating the 25th Anniversary of Dance Marathon at the University of Florida

Student Senate Bill 2019-1046: 200 Comprehensive Code Revision

Student Senate Bill 2019-1045: Line Item Transfer for Black Graduate Student Organization to Food

Student Senate Bill 2019-1044: Line Item Transfer for Volunteers for International Student Affairs to Food

Student Senate Bill 2019-1043: Line Item Transfer for Gator Gaming to Awards

Student Senate Bill 2019-1042: Resolution Supporting the Alachua County Labor Coalition’s Renters’ Rights Campaign

Student Senate Bill 2019-1041: Funding for Gator Billiards Club

Student Senate Bill 2019-1040: Funding for Splash Inc.

Student Senate Bill 2019-1039: Funding for Young Americans for Freedom

Student Senate Bill 2019-1038: Resolution Urging the University of Florida Administration to Remove Wendy’s from Campus Until it Joins the Fair Food Program

Student Senate Bill 2019-1037: Student Senate Resolution Celebrating Women’s History Month

Student Senate Bill 2019-1036: Funding for Gator Anime

Student Senate Bill 2019-1035: Funding for Young Americans for Freedom

Student Senate Bill 2019-1034: Funding for Gators National Organization of Women

Student Senate Bill 2019-1033: Funding for Democracy Matters

Student Senate Bill 2019-1032: Funding for Lucha Latina

Student Senate Bill 2019-1031: Funding for Students Justice for Palestine

Student Senate Bill 2019-1030: Resolution Respectfully Urging the University of Florida to Support Legislation Providing State Financial Aid to DACA/TPS Recipients

Student Senate Bill 2019-1029: Resolution Supporting Those Affected By the Extreme Cold-Air Outbreak of January 2019

Student Senate Bill 2019-1028: Resolution Recognizing Rising Textbook Affordability Issues in Higher Education

Student Senate Bill 2019-1027: Resolution Honoring Patrick Wanninkhof and Urging the Florida Legislature to Enact Legislation Prohibiting All Drivers from Using Hand-held Electronic Communication Devices While Driving

Student Senate Bill 2019-1026: Resolution Memorializing the Marjory Stoneman-Douglas Shooting Victims One Year Later

Student Senate Bill 2019-1025: Student Senate Resolution Celebrating Black History Month

Student Senate Bill 2019-1022: Line Item Transfer for Volunteers for International Student Affairs

Student Senate Bill 2019-1021: Student Body Resolution Supporting the Permanent Funding of More Disability Resource Center Learning Specialists

Student Senate Bill 2019-1020: Resolution Recognizing the Installment of Juan Guaidó as Interim President of Venezuela

Student Senate Bill 2019-1019: Resolution Supporting the People of Cuba and Gators Affected by the Tornado in Havana, Cuba

Student Senate Bill 2019-1018: Funding for Young Life College

Student Senate Bill 2019-1017: Funding for Pair-a-Dice Gaming

Student Senate Bill 2019-1016: Funding for Lucha Latina

Student Senate Bill 2019-1015: Funding for Balkan Student Association

Student Senate Bill 2019-1014: Funding for Gator Chess Club

Student Senate Bill 2019-1001: Amendment to Student Body Constitution

Student Senate Bill 2019-1000: Authorization Ordering the Constitution Revision Commission to Amend the Constitution to Allow for De-Jure Proportional Enfranchisement and Representation in the Student Senate

Student Senate Bill 2018-1108: Funding For Gator Billiards Club

Student Senate Bill 2018-1107: Resolution Honoring Fallen Gators

Student Senate Bill 2018-1106: Resolution to Authorize Student Government Spring 2019 Election Dates

Student Senate Bill 2018-1105: Allocation of Reserves for Construction Projects within the J. Wayne Reitz Union

Student Senate Bill 2018-1104: Resolution to Increase Access to Childcare for Students with Dependents at the University of Florida

Student Senate Bill 2018-1103: Line Item Transfer for Collegiate Veterans Society

Student Senate Bill 2018-1102: Line Item Transfer for CaribSA (sub-organization of VISA)

Student Senate Bill 2018-1101: Funding for Gators National Organization for Women

Student Senate Bill 2018-1100: Funding for Gators Billiards Club

Student Senate Bill 2018-1099: Resolution Respectfully Asking the UF Administration to Consider Signing the We Are Still In Declaration

Student Senate Bill 2018-1098: Resolution Advocating for the UF Administration to Join the University Climate Change Coalition

Student Senate Bill 2018-1097: Resolution Recommending Stronger Resources for Sexual Assault Survivors

2018-1096: Resolution Identifying Issues with Respect to the University of Florida’s
Extension of Financial Aid to Students Affected by Hurricane Maria

2018-1095 Neutrality of Election Officials Act - 700 Codes Revision

2018-1094 Student Body Resolution Addressing In-State Tuition Status for Newly Enrolled Puerto Rican Students

2018-1093 Funding for Gators Chess Club

2018-1092 Line Item Transfer for Model United Nations to Awards

2018-1091 Funding for Orthodox Christian Campus Ministries

2018-1090 Funding for Gators for Haven Hospice

2018-1089 Allocation of Reserves to Library West for the 2018-2019 Fiscal Year

2018-1088 Resolution Supporting Student Government and the Provost’s Extended Study of Library and Study Space Usage and Thanking the Provost

2018-1087 Resolution Recognizing the Victims and Service Members of 9/11

2018-1086 Spring 2019 Reapportionment

2018-1085 Fall 2019 Reapportionment

2018-1084 Resolution Supporting the University of Florida Gatorettes Winning the 2018 National Collegiate Twirling Championship

2018-1083 Resolution Supporting the Efforts Made by the University of Florida to Increase Disability Housing

2018-1082 Resolution Acknowledging the UF Transportation Institute’s Efforts towards the Advancement of Self-Driving Vehicles through I-STREET

2018-1081 Resolution Addressing Concerns towards Graduate and Family Housing Contract Terms and Conditions for Termination of Occupancy

2018-1080 Funding for Geocaching Gators

2018-1079 Funding for Gator Billiards

2018-1078 Funding for Students for New Urbanism

2018-1077 Resolution Advocating for More Independent Solar Installations Around Campus

2018-1076 Resolution Respectfully Requesting President Fuchs to Make Accommodations for an Early Voting Location at the J. Wayne Reitz Union for the 2018 General Election

2018-1075 Rules and Procedures Clarification

2018-1074 Resolution Recognizing the Need for Contributed Efforts to Optimize 24-7 Access to Study Spaces and Libraries on Campus

2018-1073 Resolution Encouraging UF Students to Register to Vote, Update Their Voter Registration, and Vote in the 2018 Midterm Elections

2018-1072 Resolution Supporting the Gator Men’s Track and Field Team Winning the 2018 NCAA Division I Men’s Indoor Track and Field Championship

2018-1071 Resolution Recognizing and Celebrating The Role of The Americans with Disabilities Act in Protecting Students at the University of Florida

2018-1070 Funding for Fiscal Year 2019-2020 Activity and Service Fee Budget

2018-1069: Resolution Honoring Rob Hiaasen and the Lives Taken in the Capital Gazette Shooting

2018-1068 Resolution Requesting that Student Government’s Executive Branch Collaborate with the Provost to Fund a 24/7 Library During the 2018-2019 Academic Year

2018-1067 Resolution Encouraging Fair Qualifications for the Dean’s List for Innovation Academy Students

2018-1066 Resolution Supporting the Gator Baseball Team Advancing to the 2018 NCAA Division I Baseball College World Series

2018-1065 Funding for Young Americans for Freedom

2018-1064 Funding for Orthodox Christian Campus Ministries

2018-1063 Resolution Recognizing Multicultural and Diversity Affairs and Chispas’ Commitment to Advocating for Undocumented Students

2018-1062 Resolution Amending Rules IX and XIX of the Student Senate Rules and Procedures

2018-1061 Student Senate Resolution Celebrating Pride Month

2018-1060 Federal Communications Commission Compliance Act - 100 Codes Revision

2018-1059 Resolution Amending Rule VII of the Student Senate Rules and Procedures

2018-1058 Resolution Amending Rule XV of the Student Senate Rules and Procedures

2018-1057 Resolution Amending Rules IX and XIX of the Student Senate Rules and Procedures

2018-1056 Resolution Amending Rule XI of the Student Senate Rules and Procedures

2018-1055 800 Code Revision

2018-1054 800 Code Revision

2018-1053 800 Code Revision

2018-1052 800 Code Revision

2018-1051 800 Code Revision

2018-1050 800 Code Revision

2018-1049 800 Code Revision

2018-1048 800 Code Revision

2018-1047 Amended Fiscal Year 2018-2019 Activity and Service Fee Budget

2018-1046 Resolution Honoring Huy D.Huynh

2018-1045 Resolution Recognizing the Positive Impact the Big Event makes on the Greater Gainesville Community.

2018-1044 Resolution Encouraging the Office of the Sustainability to Limit Availability of Single Use Plastic Drinking Straws st University of Florida Dining Locations and Applauding Related Efforts

2018-1043 Diversity Empowerment Act

2018-1042 2018-2019 SG Funded Academic Budget

2018-1041 2018-2019 SG Funded Organizational Budget

2018-1040 Student Body Accessibility Act

2018-1039 Resolution Increasing Awareness for Financial Hardships of Undergraduate International Students

2018-1038 General Body Meeting Act - 700 Codes Revision

2018-1037 Voter Protection Act - 700 Codes Revision

2018-1036 Resolution Supporting Increased Funding for the Disability Resource Center

2018-1035 Mandatory Meeting Reform Act - 700 Codes Revision

2018-1034 Absolute Neutrality for Election Officials Act- 700 Codes Revision

2018-1033 Funding for Students for New Urbanism

2018-1032 Live Stream for Accountability and Transparency Act

2018-1031 Chairperson Act

2018-1030 Funding for Interfaith Ambassadors

2018-1029 Line Item Transfer for Gators for ASHA

2018-1028 Resolution Declaring Support for Early Voting Locations at College Campuses

2018-1027 Funding for Lucha Latina

2018-1026 Funding for Students for New Urbanism

2018-1024 Resolution Recognizing the Designation of Mental Health Awareness Week and the Mental Health Task Force Letter Writing Campaign

2018-1023 Resolution to Reclassify Long-term Hourly OPS Employees

2018-1022 Resolution to Pay UF OPS Workers for Fall 2017 UF Emergency Closures

2018-1021 Resolution Recognizing the Need for Reform in Regards to the Distribution and Accessibility of Firearms

2018-1020 Resolution Honoring the Lives of the Victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Highschool Shootings, and supporting the #NeverAgain movement to end gun violence

2018-1019 Resolution Recognizing the Importance of Free Speech on College Campuses

2018-1018 Resolution Supporting a Constitutional Amendment to Ensure Tuition Assistance to Families of Fallen First Responders and Military Members

2018-1017 Line Item Transfer for Pride Student Union to Travel

2018-1016 Funding for Nepalese Student Association

2018-1015 Funding for Generational Relief in Prosthetics

2018-1014 Funding for Democracy Matters

2018-1013 Funding for Gator Guard Drill Team

2018-1012 Public Debate Act- Senate Rules and Procedures Revision

2018-1011 Resolution Supporting the Efforts of Camions of Care and the Field and Fork Pantry

2018-1010 Resolution Supporting Improved Cleanliness of the J. Wayne Reitz Union Reflection Room

2018-1009 Funding for Young Americans for Freedom

2018-1008 Senate Live Streaming Act - Senate Rules and Procedures Revision

2018-1007 Resolution Recognizing the Significance of the Temporary Protected Status Program

2018-1006 Resolution Supporting a Constitutional Amendment to Ensure Tuition Assistance to Families of Fallen First Responders and Military Members

2018-1004 Funding for Knitting Gators

2018-1003 Funding for Nepalese Student Association

2018-1002 Resolution Thanking Provost Joseph Glover for Restoring Library West and Newell Hall as 247

2018-1001 Resolution Sharing the Importance of Political Awareness in relevance to the Net Neutrality Act

2018-1000 Resolution Recognizing VENSA’s and the Hispanic Student Association’s continued efforts to spread awareness and fundraise through the #GATORSFORVZLA Campaign

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The Student Honor Code Administration serves as the protectors of the Honor Code and help guide students through the process of academic honors proceedings. 

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How to Write Legislation

Interested in learning more about the legislation process or learning how to write your own legislation? See the documents below for more information. 

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